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Operations Engineer Feb 19

A focus on the environmental aspects of operations engineering including water supply filtration and diesel spillage.

Best Practice Guide for Tachograph Systems Compliance

Gordon J F Humphreys explains what is needed to protect an Operator's Licence.

Transport Engineer April 17

A look into the clean technology focused CV Show 2017, as well as highlighting the potential of higher costs under Euro 6 and Euro 7 diesel regulations.

SOE News Nov/Dec 18

First issue of the bimonthly SOE newsletter, marking an exciting new stage in the development of the Society.

Plant Engineer Mar/April 17

This issue investigates why combined heat and power is underutilised by the industry, along with the effects of going mobile on operational efficiency.

Transport Engineer Aug 18

This issue of Transport Engineer focuses on the future talent within the industry; highlighting apprenticeships and the IRTE Skills Challenge winners.

Improving Fuel Efficiency

How to prepare for a proper evaluation before an intervention to improve fuel economy can take place.

Transport Engineer Jul 19

This issue highlights Sir John Parker joining the SOE as the new patron, along with the extra benefits of a digital workshop.

Transport Engineer Oct 18

Can 'premuim' aftermarket suppliers save you money on braking materials without compromising safety or performance?

Plant Engineer Nov/Dec 17

Questions surrounding the new emission legislations arise in this issue, which also features the 'Black Museum'; a collection of items that have failed in spectacular fashion.

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