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Tipper Stability Guide

Guidance for the industry standard of tipper tilt testing and the safe use of tippers on uneven surfaces.

Transport Engineer Jan 19

A review on how operators should maintain and service LCV trailer couplings, and Toby Clark looks into how practical predictive maintenance is.

Wheel Security - A best practice guide

Advice on best practice guidlines for preventing wheel loss, and understanding why they become detached.

Transport Engineer Oct 17

An £86.1m upgrade to over half of London's buses in a retrofit programme by Tfl, and an investigation into electric drivelines.

Plant Engineer Jul/Aug 18

This issue looks at debunking the 'Industry 4.0' hype, and a look into how NASA has impacted our everyday lives.

Safe Working Practice for Open Top Tipping Bodies

Procedures to prevent the occurance of incidents involving tipping vehicles, and the laws surrounding these.

Best Practice Guide for Bus and Coach Tyre Maintenance

Advice on the best practice of fitting of tyres, use of tyres and the physical condition of tyres.

Preventing Falls and Falling Loads from Tail Lifts

Guidance for the prevention of falls and falling loads from tail lifts by members of a Tail Lift Users Group.

Transport Engineer Aug 18

This issue of Transport Engineer focuses on the future talent within the industry; highlighting apprenticeships and the IRTE Skills Challenge winners.

Improving Fuel Efficiency

How to prepare for a proper evaluation before an intervention to improve fuel economy can take place.

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