Latest SOE News

Calls to legalise e-scooters on UK roads as protesters target Downing Street

The government has been urged to review a law that bans the use of e-scooters on UK roads.

HSE annual workplace fatality figures show asbestos still cause of premature death in UK

Mesothelioma, a form of cancer that slowly forms over several years due to past inhalation of asbestos, still accounts for over 2,500 deaths in the UK each year.

Project to build the world’s longest subsea power cable approved

A project to build the world’s longest subsea power cable has been given the green light after Britain’s National Grid and Denmark’s Energinet awarded contracts to Prysmian and NKT worth up to 1.1bn euros.

ADL to present on ground-breaking automated bus project at SOE Symposium

A joint Stagecoach and ADL project aims to trial automated driving on public transport and is part of a growing trend in using advanced technology to make roads safer.


Transport Engineer Jul 19

This issue highlights Sir John Parker joining the SOE as the new patron, along with the extra benefits of a digital workshop.

Operations Engineer Jul 19

An insight into the new SOE Patron's past in shipbuilding, and a Science Industry Process/Plant Engineer Degree Apprenticeship.

Transport Engineer Jun 19

A look into alternative fuels and highlights from the 2019 Commercial Vehicle Show.

Operations Engineer June 19

This issue looks at a new generation of more environmentally-friendly industrial degreasants along with non-contact cleaning for hospitals.

SOE News May/Jun 19

This edition announces the IRTE Northern Centre Young Engineer of the Year and the first Northern Ireland irtec breakfast meeting.

Transport Engineer May 19

A look into how a new approach is sparking a change in technician skills shortages, and a preview on this years CV show.

Operations Engineer May 19

This issue investigates the developments in efficient lubrication within the industry.

Transport Engineer Apr 19

This issue looks at axle weighing systems for vans and LCVs, and solutions for waste oil removal.

Operations Engineer Apr 19

This issue looks at the importance of sensors regarding leaks and nuclear plants, as well as smart plastics for industrial operations.

SOE News Mar/Apr 19

This edition marks the anniversary of our members who have achieved 40 and 50 years in their professional sector, along with planned SOE roundtable events of 2019 and DAF returning to the CV Show in 2019.

Transport Engineer Mar 19

This edition of Transport Engineer profiles how Stagecoach are investing in a new source of technical apprenticeships, alongside commenting on wheel and tyre safety.

Operations Engineer Mar 19

We hear from apprentices across the industry as National Apprenticeship Week showcases the future of engineering.

Transport Engineer Feb 19

This issue looks into low-cost bodywork and bodybuilding, along with temperature-controlled transport.

Operations Engineer Feb 19

A focus on the environmental aspects of operations engineering including water supply filtration and diesel spillage.

SOE News Jan/Feb 19

The second issue of the bimonthly SOE newsletter includes part two of Bob Calder, CEng discussing his engineering journey in the Army, and the effect of Beatrice Shilling on meeting the threat of the German Air Force in the Second World War.

Transport Engineer Jan 19

A review on how operators should maintain and service LCV trailer couplings, and Toby Clark looks into how practical predictive maintenance is.

Operations Engineer Jan 19

An insight into the importance of monitoring the performance of machines used within operations engineering; also highlighting health and safety in the work place.

Transport Engineer Dec 18

An investigation into the introduction of more IT systems into workshop environments and how many operators are turning to vacuum excavators for a more efficient digging process.

Operations Engineer Dec 18

This issue includes insights into developments in disposal alternatives and the use of augmented and virtual reality in repair and maintenance.

SOE News Nov/Dec 18

First issue of the bimonthly SOE newsletter, marking an exciting new stage in the development of the Society.

Transport Engineer Nov 18

This issue looks at the increasing popularity of gas-powered engines and how natural gas is now becoming a viable alternative to diesel.

Operations Engineer Nov 18

First issue of Operations Engineer (previously Plant Engineer); keeping you up to date with developments in new technology and best practice in operations engineering.

Transport Engineer Oct 18

Can 'premuim' aftermarket suppliers save you money on braking materials without compromising safety or performance?

Plant Engineer Sep/Oct 18

A look into fire safety in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Transport Engineer Sep 18

A look at the high level of O standard compliance offences and connected smart transmissions and predictive gear shifting.

Plant Engineer Jul/Aug 18

This issue looks at debunking the 'Industry 4.0' hype, and a look into how NASA has impacted our everyday lives.

Transport Engineer Aug 18

This issue of Transport Engineer focuses on the future talent within the industry; highlighting apprenticeships and the IRTE Skills Challenge winners.

Transport Engineer Jul 18

The annual IRTE Skills Challenge returns for 2018 and Brian Weatherly reports on Scania's latest P and L-series urban chassis.

Transport Engineer Jun 18

This issue investigates the claimed effect of tyre sealants on road damage, and the biggest cause of MOT failure amongst commercial vehicles.

Plant Engineer May/Jun 18

A look into the challenges and reliability of wind turbine and gas turbine, with comments from George Walker (managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland) on how the IoT is changing field service.

Transport Engineer May 18

A preview of Tip-ex Tank-ex boasting more than 100 exhibitors, and a review of the CV Show including surprises from PSA Group and Cartwright.

Transport Engineer April 18

A preview of this years CV Show and a report on the HGV technician challenges.

Plant Engineer Mar/April 18

This issue looks into retaining staff, and the governments new apprenticeship levy, alongside looking at whether the industry is ready to reap the benefits of 'Industry 4.0'.

Transport Engineer Mar 18

A look at the use of sensor-based systems to recognise and avoid vulnerable road users, and the issues surrounding particulate filters in terms of diesel emissions.

Transport Engineer Feb 18

This issue looks at how award schemes can improve operations of van fleets along with the reduction of diesel light commercial vehicles in urban environments.

Transport Engineer Jan 18

Axle supplier BPW discusses the technical issues involved in designing suspension systems for trailers.

Transport Engineer Dec 17

An insight into the introduction of VECTO standards in 2019 and Volskwagen's bus and truck division.

Plant Engineer Nov/Dec 17

Questions surrounding the new emission legislations arise in this issue, which also features the 'Black Museum'; a collection of items that have failed in spectacular fashion.

Transport Engineer Nov 17

This issue looks at the challenge for producers of on-board weighing systems and Ian Norwell takes a Scania S500 for a drive.

Transport Engineer Oct 17

An £86.1m upgrade to over half of London's buses in a retrofit programme by Tfl, and an investigation into electric drivelines.

Plant Engineer Sep/Oct 17

This issue focuses on health and safety within the industry, including condition monitoring and preparing for the unknown.

Transport Engineer Sep 17

A focus on Scania's new V8 engine and troubleshooting vehicles.

Transport Engineer Aug 17

Investigating advances in IT automation and connectivity and the effects on operational efficiency.

Plant Engineer Jul/Aug 17

This issue highlights 'Industry 4.0', looking at trends and technologies like smart plastics and 3D printing that will reshape the industry.

Transport Engineer Jul 17

This edition looks into the seventh annual IRTE Skills Challenge and trailer-specific telematics systems.

Transport Engineer Jun 17

Will Dalrymple reviews this years CV Show, and an exploration of the relationship between lightweight bus body construction and alternative power sources.

Plant Engineer May/Jun 17

A look into what is involved in delivering the factory of the future and the effect of Brexit on standards and compliance for hazardous area industries.

Transport Engineer May 17

A review on the two seperate trends aimed at increasing trailer volume and the competition between 8x4 tippers and 8x2 tippers.

Transport Engineer April 17

A look into the clean technology focused CV Show 2017, as well as highlighting the potential of higher costs under Euro 6 and Euro 7 diesel regulations.

Plant Engineer Mar/April 17

This issue investigates why combined heat and power is underutilised by the industry, along with the effects of going mobile on operational efficiency.

Transport Engineer Mar 17

A look into Iveco's 'state of the nation' press event and Scania's investment in its UK training centre.

Transport Engineer Feb 17

This issue looks at the arrival of Scania's new R and S series trucks in the UK and the importance of irtec.

Transport Engineer Jan 17

Questions as to how the UK will detach itself from the European Union, and a look into the world of compact buses.