Are you the best in bus & coach?

The UK's PSV technician competition

IRTE Skills Challenge is an annual competition, taking place in June with our partners, S&B Automotive, to find the engineering stars working in the bus and coach industries. These industries fall under the radar in public perception, and yet are the places where some of the most modern and complex vehicles can be found on the road. 

Modern PSV technicians need traditional mechanical skills, may need to turn their hand to welding, but also diagnose and fault find on a complex modern clean fuel bus. This range of day to day challenges makes them some of the most versatile operations engineers out there, and the IRTE Skills Challenge aims to celebrate this expertise. 

Every June we take over S&B Automotive in Bristol for a week, where around 35 teams of qualified and apprentice PSV engineers compete in a series of electrical, mechanical and bodywork challenges to find out who is the best in bus & coach. The winners are crowned later in the summer at a glittering awards ceremony. We welcome entrants from large and small organisations - and have had teams from as far away as Singapore.

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