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IPlantE was one of the two constituent bodies which merged to form SOE (as the Institution of Plant Engineers). Plant Engineers are involved in maintenance and operation of a fixed and mobile machine assets . In practice you will find plant engineers working across most industries. 

The IPlantE Professional Sector Council (PSC) is dedicated to improving maintenance, operational and safety standards across a range of plant. They act as a representative voice in industry for our plant members, and is currently working on the following initiatives:

  • Working to develop industry wide technician accreditation with our industry partners
  • Representing SOE's interests on the board of Society for the Environment
  • Working with the RAF to widen and fast track Engineering Council registration
What makes a modern plant engineer?

The machinery worked on by plant engineers can greatly vary across sectors, we have members involved in the following, to name a few:

  • Power and utilities
  • Process and chemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Building services
  • Mobile and machinery
  • Transport infrastructure 
  • Defence and military 

What is common, wherever they work, is a high level of technical knowledge, incredible problem solving skills and the ability to think ahead. Plant engineers are responsible for ensuring large, complex systems and machinery don't fail, that they are maintained to exacting safety standards and are kept at peak performance to the end of their operational life. Many of our plant members are registered to Incorporated or Careered Engineer, and the majority of our Chartered Environmentalist members sit in this professional sector.

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Go with the flow

The new Advanced Multiphase Facility will provide cutting-edge facilities necessary to address the technical challenges of extreme subsea operating conditions. The facility is a pressurised, closed loop flow circuit that offers a range of operating conditions for single-phase, multiphase and dry gas test applications.

Workshop: Air Quality Health and Safety

Following an update last year, workshops must meet more stringent air quality standards, or risk prosecution, says Kevin Swallow.


Water supply utility Anglian Water has begun installing thousands of leak sensors across its network, as well as trialling a new kind of pressure sensor to stop a big cause of leaks; transient surges.

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