Inspect - Maintain - Manage

Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) serves 16,000 qualified professionals in over 40 countries. Our members inspect, maintain, and manage the machinery and equipment which keeps society functioning - whether that be an escalator in a shopping centre, a modern biomass plant generating renewable energy for homes, or the HGV and bus fleets which keep economies and people moving. The safe, sustainable operation of all these and more fall under the remit of professional operations engineers.

SOE is one of the 35 Professional Engineering Institutions in the UK, and as such has responsibility to facilitate individuals and organisations to work in safe, knowledgeable and modern ways. We are licensed by both Engineering Council and Society for the Environment and use our remit from them to improve both our members' careers and the wider engineering landscape.

Assuring standards

SOE works with employers, statutory bodies, other like minded professional organisations and individuals to ensure standards are maintained, and that our members have an effective framework to carry out their roles. Our professional sector councils engage with industry in their respective field of expertise to ensure SOE's collective and specialist knowledge is at the forefront of policy and safe engineering practice. 

We also runs several accreditation schemes - such as irtec, the UK recognised benchmark of competence for commercial vehicle technicians - which help organisations and individuals prove that they are working to the required standard. SOE additionally publishes essential sources of quality content for the modern engineering business, including a range of technical guides, and two respected publications, Operations Engineer and Transport Engineer, which lead the way with industry news, best practice CPD content and legal updates.

Supporting careers

Our members are our lifeblood, everything we do is based around ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to progress in their careers through CPD. SOE offers Engineering Council and Society for the Environment qualifications, and is well known for supporting members through technical report and non-traditional routes as well as standard entry. 

SOE members have access to over 250 technical lectures, webinars and events a year, and all members get relevant SOE publications through delivered to them on a monthly basis, as well as access to an online CPD library which contains thousands of articles. We also work with training providers and universities to accredit courses for direct entry to membership and have an active network of volunteers who can mentor and advise newer members on professional development.